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Thomas Mathiasen Innovation Management Intellectual Capital Management Selected activities Succes stories Contact
The Mind Map is a symbol of the core  competence of TM-Innovation in working  systematically  with complex information, to see  relationships between knowledge and to create  a common  picture and associations. Which  is  what strategies in a complex business world is  about.
Please navigate the homepage through the  folder-list to the left.
TM-Innovation is a consultancy, operating since  2004 supporting companies and organisations  wanting Innovation, be  it a concrete product,  strategy for Service Innovation or a process for  Radical Innovation. TM- Innovation works with  Innovation from a commercial and strategic view,  and focuses on facilitating, developing and  implementing operational strategies in  collaboration  with the Management and other  stakeholders at the Customer.
Our strong competency and way or working in  Innovation guaranties both that the Customer  get a project delivered that create value and that  the Customers competency in Innovation is  increased.
A clear description of the competency areas of  TM-Innovation can be seen here:  Aspects_of_Innovation.pdf
A general presentation on TM-Innovation, focus  and tools, may be downloaded here (in Danish):  præsentation_af_TM-Innovation.pdf
CVR/SE: DK26926661
1. Thomas Mathiasen
Thomas Mathiasen has more than 20 years high  level experience with innovation in international  companies.
  • M. Sc. Chemical Engineering DTU
  • Innovation Management at IMD, Schweitz.
  • Solid management background from large  international Danish companies (Carlsberg,  Novo Nordisk, Danisco og FOSS).
  • Strong competence in R&D Management,  Business Development and IP Management
  • Strong track-record in successful product-  and concept development.
To keep up with the latest in innovation and  technology and to keep contact with research  institutions I actively keep engaged with various  institutions, organisations and societies  nationally and internationally, e.g.:
  • Member of Pedagogic Council for the Kaospilots
  • External examiner at DTU and University of  Copenhagen
  • Global Mentor for entrepreurial companies nationally  and internationally through IBM, e-unlimited, StartupBootCamp and IPO48  (Africa)
  • Member of the Danish Management Society,  Group 53 (VL53)
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2. Innovation Management
  • TM-Innovation has broad experience in Innovation Management. Key competencies are:
  • Processes:
  • Facilitation
  • Innovation Culture
  • Defining
  • Building
  • Nurturing
  • Innovation of Sales:
    The present financial climate has emphasized an increased focus on sales at our customers;  several  innovation seminars and activities have therefore been dealing with facilitating  innovation of the  customers and sales processes.
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TM-Innovation is very strong in facilitating processes in companies and organisations, such as  strategic  planning, decision meetings, conflict handling, problem solution, creative (product)  development and team based  initiatives.
Facilitation focuses primarily on processes, where information is shared between the  participants in a group.  The facilitator eases and improves the efficiency of this knowledge  sharing using structured techniques and  communication skills.
Read more on the facilitator role in the attached document: Facilitator_role.pdf
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Change Management
Facilitating change plays a crucial role in innovation. Introducing innovation culture, changing  the way of  working, introducing Lean is peoples business and the facilitation skills are  challenged more than when "just"  facilitating a seminar or a project.
The attached lecture (in Danish) discusses facilitation of change management in more details,  and discusses  the roles and the tools to be used. See: Skab_medvind_om_forandringer_-_Controlleren.pdf
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Innovation on Demand
It is well known, latest supported October 2007 by an  analysis by Booz Allen Hamilton  http://www.strategy-  business.com/resilience/rr00039, that targeting  innovation towards the  company strategy and  customer needs gives the highest ROI.
Thomas Mathiasen has a very good track record with  targeted Innovation, or Innovation on  Demand as it  may be called. The process is described in this  example, demonstrating an  actual  case of Innovation  on Demand. See the attached presentation: "Cosmos  & Chaos - a  practical  innovation experience"
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Innovation in times of crisis
When crisis hits, innovation may easily come under pressure. A natural reaction will be to cut  down to essentials and focus on efficiency and cost-cutting. Innovation may wait for better  times  it is often said.
However, particularly in times of crisis there is both a need to think differently than the  competitors and there are opportunities to find. To cite a well-known Chinese proverb: "When  the  winds of change are blowing, some go in shelters while others set up wind mills." And last  but not  the least, there is a need to look at the best way of handling the crisis so that the most  instinctive reactions does not take over. A crisis is not handled the best on autopilot.
TM-Innovation is on the active side and focus on embracing change. Amongst our tools are  creative strategy processes for finding opportunities and planning strategies; Creativity in  time- pressure; Radical Innovation workshops, for finding really new ways to go, and  Roadmapping sessions for helping companies selecting and focusing on their new innovation  strategy.
Innovation under time pressure
It is often said, that innovation and creativity takes time. No so. It is a matter of focus, training  and the proper  mindset.
TM-Innovation offer workshops, learning the participants tools and techniques to handle  innovation under  pressed conditions. The objective is to give the participants a general  understanding of the opportunities and  that the participants get their own challenges clarified.
The workshop is in itself a demonstration of innovation under time pressure. The course is very  pressed,  however, the methodology and the preparation will demonstrate the positive result of   systematic creativity.
Systematic Innovation
There are several ways of doing innovation, which may hinder companies in deciding on how  they want to work  with innovation. There are, however, several methodical, systematical  techniques and processes, and many  tools that may secure a good result, create order in  Chaos,  support the endeavours. The attached presentation  presents a few of the tools that we  have been using with very successful results. (In Danish). "Kosmos og Kaos -  en case story om  målrettet  innovation".
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Service Innovation
Services are becoming a larger part of both the Danish and the Global economy. Both as  "pure" service deliveries such as cleaning and financial services, but also more "traditional"  industries are adding to their revenue and customer focus by adding services. One clear  example is the mobile phone business. Thus, we see a larger need for both developing new  services as well as transforming the business towards services.
So, even though we have been active in Service Innovation, we have now chosen to set up a  process for Service Innovation to clearly mark this as a separate product in TM-Innovation.
Further, due to the complexity of competencies needed in Service Innovation and our wish to  be a one-stop supplier of Service Innovation for our clients, we have chosen to set up  collaborations with selected experts in some parts of the Service Innovation Process so that  we can supply the needed expertise solve the individual need of the clients.
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Innovation and Management
There is often some confusion as to who is responsible for what in relation to innovation in  companies and organisations. The Innovation Manager is often seen as the one, who should  take care of everything in relation to innovation. Which is why the position is often a  "shooting duck in the company, leading to a somewhat frustrated person.
This is why TM-Innovation and Zastrow & Co has made a collaboration on innovation  governance, working on a more clear definition of innovation responsabilities. A short  overview is seen below.
We support companies in setting up innovation governance and leadership training, as a part  of implementing an innovation strategy.
TM-Innovation was in the steering group for organizing the 10th European Conference on  Creativity and  Innovation in 2007, the ECCI- X.
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Business Development at Kronborg
Innovation inspired by the History
The Castle Kronborg is brimming over with examples on problems solved and business  developed, up  through the history.  Just think of the Öresundstax, planned at Kronborg  and bringing in revenue for more than 400 years. Much of this development and learning  may  also today be applied to inspire  innovation in modern business. The themes may be Sales,  Communication, Business Development,  Management or Organization.
Therefore: TM-Innovation has made a collaborations with Kronborg. Using inspiration from the  story of  Kronborg, TM-Innovation facilitates exciting and targeted innovations processes that  guarantee results for  the Enterprise. The Arrangements are optimized to the individual  customer. At a typical arrangement, the  participants may visit carefully selected areas at  Kronborg, gathering inspiration for the creative process  taking place in the historical rooms  hosting the seminar.
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3. Intellectual Capital Management
The ability of a company to gather and utilize knowledge, and the passion and energy of the  employees will be  reflected in the market value of the company. This is part of what is  Intellectual Capital Management (ICM).  Both companies from the "New Economy" as well as  traditional production oriented companies have around 70-80  % of the market value formed by  Intangibles, such as Intellectual Property Rights, skills of Innovation.
TM-Innovation has focus on Innovation and Intellectual Capital Management. One of the  products is facilitating  an ICM strategy for companies, encompassing strategies, policies and  action plans for Innovation and  Intellectual Property. In other words, how a company capitalize  on ideas created and competencies developed.
The ICM activities are carried out in Danish Intellectual Capital Management, DICM.  www.DICM.eu
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How to get an IP Strategy
An IP Strategy is tailor made to a specific company or organisation, to fit the business strategy and needs of the  organisation. Crucial elements are
  • the Process toward the Strategy, ensuring a common understanding and picture throughout the organisation.
  • A Baseline of the present IP situation of the company, the competitors and the market.
  • An action plan on how to implement the strategy and the policies.
The process and the ensuing IP Strategy cannot be a off-the shelf product, wherefore a meeting with the  customer is suggested in order to clarify needs, expectations and deliveries.
Read a short presentation on some of the elements of an IP Strategy: An_IP_Strategy_comprises.pdf
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Outsourcing in the Medical Device Industry
At a seminar on Outsourcing for Medical Device Companies, October 2007,TM-Innovation presented and  discussed how to handle Intellectual Property when working with an external partner.
See the presentation: Outsourcing_and_IP.pdf
IP Audit
Thomas Mathiasen is participating in strategic IP Audits in collaboration with the Danish Patent Office, aiming  at improving the strategic use of IP through the analysis process of the IP Audit.
In general, the IP audits are carried out through Danish Intellectual Capital Management,  DICM http://www.DICM.eu .
4. Selected activities
The work done for customers is generally confidential, wherefore presentations and examples  are held in general terms only. The selected activities are, however, non-confidential and we  have chosen to let our activities be presented this way.
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Meeting with and advising entrepreneurs is a dynamic and exciting experience, that's keeping  you on your toes business-wise, and in contact with the entrepreneurial, technological and  investment environment.
TM-Innovation actively participate in mentoring Entrepreneurs and has a long experience in  supporting  startup companies and teams. Previously through Connect  Denmark, but  presently through StartupBootcamp and International Venture Forum, focusing more on  entrepreneurs within the ICT sector.
TM-Innovation has been also mentoring at the IBM SmartCamp, both at the Danish and EMEA  finals as  well as at the Global Finals in Dublin 2010 and New York 2013, mentoring the  finalists http://ibmsmartcamp.com/
To follow the thriving entrepreneur environment in Africa, Thomas Mathiasen is mentoring  participating entrepreneurs in Nairobi, Kenya http://www.ipo48.com
The key focus for mentoring entrepreneurs is to clarify the business case, from Idea to Market,  and particularly at  how to harvest the value  of the knowledge generated in the company  knowing, that most of the market value of the companies is  intangibles.
See related topics and documents
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香奈兒 香水
Thomas Mathiasen is Co-Founder and member of  the Board of IKI, the Danish Initiative for Creativity  and Innovation, and regularly arrange meetings,  seminars and projects as well as  giving lectures  on various topics related to Creativity and  Innovation. Recent seminars held by Thomas  Mathiasen are  'Service Innovation' and 'the IKI  Innovation Model', the presentation is attached  below.
See related topics and documents
Thomas Mathiasen lecturing at Shantou University, May 2010, on how to transform  knowledge to value.
The Chinese economy and business is being tremendously these years. We see this change  as an  opportunity and we want to ´ride the wave of change´. In China our service offers focus  on systematic  innovation in business, supporting the large need for development of service  and products from Chinese,  exporting companies.
Our present focus is Shanghai and Guangdong (Shantou and Shenzhen). The next planned  lectures will be at Langnan School of Business, Sun Yat-Sen University, April 2012.
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In the spring 2011, TM-Innovation participated in forming the curriculum for creative  entrepreneurs in the region of South Fynen, through the "Fremtidsfabrikken" (Future Factory)  http://www.Fremtidsfabrikken.com . The aim of the project is to create the education and  environment for more succesful entrepreneurs at South Fynen. A good way of combining my  interest and experience from entrepreneurs in DK and internationally.
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Scenario planning
Perhaps due to the turbulent business conditions we presently see, scenario planning has  become a sought-after activity at Management / Board level. Either as a part of a strategy- process, or as tool in a decision making process, discussing various alternatives before deciding on the outcome to go for.
Through the facilitated process, and participating selected representatives typically at  Management and Board level, the internal and external influencing factors are identified and  prioritised according to its effect on the outcome and the probability of its happening. On that  bases, a few, distinctly different scenarios are formed and their effect on the business  thoroughly discussed and documented.
The final choice of action or strategy will then be based on a very thorough and transparent  basis, the alternatives well understood. Further, should the conditions for the action or strategy  change later, the Management Group or Board may already have the information ready from  the scenario process to make the necessary quick changes.
For more detailed examples or a talk on how this process may help your business, please  contact Thomas Mathiasen; E: thomas@tm-innovation.dk, M. 0045 2170 8672.
5. Succes stories
  • Global IP strategies (patent-, trademark and license strategy) a.o. Biotech and Food Enterprises
  • Collaboration with Danish Industries (DI) (Scenarie Dansk Industri in 2020; Science  Gymnasium, Obesity  Strategy)
  • Storytelling at Danmarks Radio; application of Storytelling and Communities of Practice in  Business
  • Developing the concept behind Lattec I/S, concept development of Technology, Application  and Business.  The  "Herdnavigator" has won the Agromek prize.
  • Facilitating the Green Technology Foresight, "Vision 2024 on the Future of Farming" in  collaboration with Risø
  • Project InnAware, creating and demonstrating a methodology for  successful innovation in  SMEs.
  • And many other, confidential examples.
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6. Contact
E-mail:     Thomas@TM-innovation.dk
Phone:     +45 2170 8672
Address:  TM-Innovation
                Nordborggade 3, 3 th
                DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø
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