TM-Innovation is very strong in facilitating processes in companies and organisations, such as  strategic  planning, decision meetings, conflict handling, problem solution, creative (product)  development and team based  initiatives.
Facilitation focuses primarily on processes, where information is shared between the  participants in a group.  The facilitator eases and improves the efficiency of this knowledge  sharing using structured techniques and  communication skills.
Read more on the facilitator role in the attached document: Facilitator_role.pdf
Change Management
Facilitating change plays a crucial role in innovation. Introducing innovation culture, changing  the way of  working, introducing Lean is peoples business and the facilitation skills are  challenged more than when "just"  facilitating a seminar or a project.
The attached lecture (in Danish) discusses facilitation of change management in more details,  and discusses  the roles and the tools to be used. See: Skab_medvind_om_forandringer_-_Controlleren.pdf
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