Innovation in times of crisis
When crisis hits, innovation may easily come under pressure. A natural reaction will be to cut  down to essentials and focus on efficiency and cost-cutting. Innovation may wait for better  times  it is often said.
However, particularly in times of crisis there is both a need to think differently than the  competitors and there are opportunities to find. To cite a well-known Chinese proverb: "When  the  winds of change are blowing, some go in shelters while others set up wind mills." And last  but not  the least, there is a need to look at the best way of handling the crisis so that the most  instinctive reactions does not take over. A crisis is not handled the best on autopilot.
TM-Innovation is on the active side and focus on embracing change. Amongst our tools are  creative strategy processes for finding opportunities and planning strategies; Creativity in  time- pressure; Radical Innovation workshops, for finding really new ways to go, and  Roadmapping sessions for helping companies selecting and focusing on their new innovation  strategy.
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