Scenario planning
Perhaps due to the turbulent business conditions we presently see, scenario planning has  become a sought-after activity at Management / Board level. Either as a part of a strategy- process, or as tool in a decision making process, discussing various alternatives before deciding on the outcome to go for.
Through the facilitated process, and participating selected representatives typically at  Management and Board level, the internal and external influencing factors are identified and  prioritised according to its effect on the outcome and the probability of its happening. On that  bases, a few, distinctly different scenarios are formed and their effect on the business  thoroughly discussed and documented.
The final choice of action or strategy will then be based on a very thorough and transparent  basis, the alternatives well understood. Further, should the conditions for the action or strategy  change later, the Management Group or Board may already have the information ready from  the scenario process to make the necessary quick changes.
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