5. Succes stories
  • Global IP strategies (patent-, trademark and license strategy) a.o. Biotech and Food Enterprises
  • Collaboration with Danish Industries (DI) (Scenarie Dansk Industri in 2020; Science  Gymnasium, Obesity  Strategy)
  • Storytelling at Danmarks Radio; application of Storytelling and Communities of Practice in  Business
  • Developing the concept behind Lattec I/S, concept development of Technology, Application  and Business.  The  "Herdnavigator" has won the Agromek prize.
  • Facilitating the Green Technology Foresight, "Vision 2024 on the Future of Farming" in  collaboration with Risø
  • Project InnAware, creating and demonstrating a methodology for  successful innovation in  SMEs.
  • And many other, confidential examples.
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