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The Mind Map is a symbol of the core  competence of TM-Innovation in working  systematically  with complex information, to see  relationships between knowledge and to create  a common  picture and associations. Which  is  what strategies in a complex business world is  about.
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TM-Innovation is a consultancy, operating since  2004 supporting companies and organisations  wanting Innovation, be  it a concrete product,  strategy for Service Innovation or a process for  Radical Innovation. TM- Innovation works with  Innovation from a commercial and strategic view,  and focuses on facilitating, developing and  implementing operational strategies in  collaboration  with the Management and other  stakeholders at the Customer.
Our strong competency and way or working in  Innovation guaranties both that the Customer  get a project delivered that create value and that  the Customers competency in Innovation is  increased.
A clear description of the competency areas of  TM-Innovation can be seen here:  Aspects_of_Innovation.pdf
A general presentation on TM-Innovation, focus  and tools, may be downloaded here (in Danish):  præsentation_af_TM-Innovation.pdf
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